Cherrycream Pinot Noir


If you’re familiar with Pinot Noir, you know that it’s soft skins mean it needs to be treated just right. Winemaker Alison Crowe possesses years of experience and a deep love for crafting delicious pinot noirs. She rewards us with the delicious masterpiece, Cherrycream Pinot Noir, time and time again.

California Pinot Noir develop rich cherry characteristics as a result of our warm climate, and longer ripening time on the vine. We harvest at night, then cold soak the grapes to preserve its rich berry flavors and ruby-red color. Then it is fermented in stainless steel tanks to enhance the cherry flavors. Finally aged in oak with a mix of French, American and medium toast levels to integrate the cask aged characters for seven long months. We remain patient as we wait for this aging process to yield our favorite elevated characteristics of cherry, strawberry, toast, vanilla, and spice.

Creamy texture and hints of spice jump out of the glass from this warm climate California Pinot Noir. We end up with a sultry, smooth, cherry-forward wine with gorgeous silky textures on the palate that remind us of that feeling after we take a bite out of our grandmother’s famous cherry brownies. 

“This is a good, well-made, flavorful wine that combines savory, earthy aspects of nutmeg and clove with abundant notes of black cherry and cooked plum. It’s full in body yet nicely braced by soft tannins.” —Jim Gordon, Wine Enthusiast

We recommend pairing Cherrycream with grilled steak, gruyere cheese, or your favorite chocolate dessert.

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